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The New South Wales Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) is an independent prosecuting service and government within the portfolio of the Attorney General of New South Wales. With very high standards of security for its operations, necessary for the nature of its work, it’s also required to align with the broader New South Wales Government Cyber Security Strategy as a state government agency.

To ensure that the ODPP was able to not only meet but exceed its security benchmarks, Quorum delivered a trial of Cyber One (Managed Detection and Response Service) to increase its security posture.


The importance of bringing a specialist partner was highlighted, even though the ODPP had a strong (although lean) internal IT team. Leader Shrestha, Manager of ICT Infrastructure at the ODPP, stated, ‘because we are a small team and there is a very high focus on the broader security piece across the agencies, security is a high priority for everyone. We understand the need for that, but as a small team, we needed help with this.’


Cyber One’s delivery of intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise provided a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. This enabled the ODPP team to obtain a multi-dimensional view of cybersecurity across the enterprise. Cyber One offers data insights and monitoring visualisations, improving the prioritisation of mitigation strategies.

Although ODPP’s existing security posture was strong, Cyber One was able to add additional value, leveraging decades of Microsoft Security experience. This enabled ODPP, who already used Microsoft Defender products, to readily advance their roadmap.

‘We now have 24/7 security monitoring that provides us with the dashboards, analysis and protection of our environment. Our plan is to continue with Defender and Windows 365 and expand that in the future,’ detailed Shrestha.

Cyber One has played a significant role in assisting the strategic security roadmap. Shrestha shared, ‘we are buying a managed service, and the success of that comes down to three things: your performance, timely addressing issues, and our confidence with your support. That relationship with Quorum is good, and our team is happy.’

  • Cyber One, Quorum’s Managed Detection and Response Service, launched in 2020 to provide support to organisations with a strong Microsoft security strategy, serving those who did not have the resources to respond to advanced and emerging threats.


    ‘Cyber One is designed to help organisations of all sizes to aggregate, monitor and respond to key security signalling available within Microsoft 365, Azure and beyond,’ Mark McLean, Managing Director at Quorum.

  • As the ODPP has a strong compliance governing culture as a government agency, Shrestha noted that being able to work collaboratively on the project meant that ODPP could extract the most value from Cyber One’s key insights.


    ‘From the very beginning, ODPP has had a closed service and a high level of cyber security compliance that has helped protect us from any external threat. Our security posture was already pretty good, so that wasn’t the priority for the pilot program – but as we’re not immune from everything, Cyber One highlighted things we could improve, identified gaps, and started mitigations,’ Leader Shrestha.

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