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Modern endpoint management leads to cost savings, increased security outcomes and enhanced productivity capacities for hybrid and remote teams. For workforces using Microsoft 365, modern endpoint management is an IT approach that allows for standardised, automated workplace IT operations.

Modern endpoint management goes beyond endpoint security or employee device monitoring. It’s a proactive management approach to the entire ecosystem that underpins a hybrid or remote workplace across devices, applications, storage, data and everyday work output.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Intune & Autopilot, we are able to provision and manage devices every step of the way, directly from the manufacturer to the end user, saving a significant amount of time and streamlining operations. Utilising the full extent of Microsoft Intune allows us to manage a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, iOIS, Android, Linux and Chrome OS devices, providing comprehensive and modern endpoint management solutions.


Quorum has helped move tens of thousands of endpoints to Modern Management for our clients.

Some of the benefits of modern endpoint management include:

  • A reduction in support tickets. By simplifying and streamlining technological infrastructures, organisations can see a decrease in the demand for personalised IT support.
  • Improved end-user satisfaction. Empower your team to access the tools and apps they need within safe, robust environments on a daily basis.
  • Improved remote systems management. Modern endpoint management can remove issues that arise with managing devices, applications and data remotely while achieving the same standard of use and security as on-premises management offers.
  • Increased abilities to meet security and compliance issues. Endpoint security moves beyond protecting only company-issued devices, allowing IT and security teams to implement and report on security policies for all endpoints, with the only requirement being Internet access.
  • Preparation for the release of new systems. Organised, structured modern endpoint management allows teams to upgrade to the latest software and system release via a streamlined adoption process.

Quorum’s expert approach to modern endpoint management

Quorum is an industry leader in the design, implementation and management of modern endpoints. We deliver seamless endpoint experiences to organisations of all scales, ensuring business continuity, reducing the risk of data loss or breaches, and increasing employee productivity through streamlined and strategic approaches.

We work with our clients to transition their teams from legacy endpoint management infrastructures over to modern, cloud-native endpoints. This offers benefits for remote workers and management alike, as end users require only an Internet connection to sign in to devices from anywhere. Administrators can provision or reset devices without the need to rely on on-premise resources.

Modern endpoint management allows simplified management across all platforms, and Single-Sign-On (SSO) experiences to the cloud and on-premises apps. Benefit from secure access without passwords and seamless experiences across documents, settings and preferences, ensuring robust and safe working environments that set productivity and resource restraints free.


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