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CountPlus is a rapidly growing network of 16 professional accounting/consulting firms and associated sole practitioners. The organisation places its clients at the centre of its activities: an innovative Equity Partner relationship model between CountPlus and its accounting and advice firms is based on principles of advice and services in the client’s best interest. With the goal of becoming Australia’s leading network of professional accounting and advice firms, and a focus on collaboration for the long-term success of all stakeholders, robust technological infrastructures are a key part of CountPlus’ continued expansion and success.

Balancing numerous internal priorities, CountPlus’s skilled IT manager was unable to focus on key security architecture insights. While security was a key priority for the organisation, limited internal resources meant that competing priorities saw it pushed down the execution list.


CountPlus were in need of outside experts to handle cyber security, ensuring their business’s safety while allowing their team to focus on business activities.

With a time-challenged IT professional, CountPlus needed support in enabling fast insights. Quorum introduced Cyber One, a streamlined tool that simplified security data while also consolidating the information managed service providers depend on to provide external support.

‘For a company like CountPlus with a time-challenged IT professional, the ability to self-enable fast insights with the Cyber One platform was vital.’ – Gavin van Niekerk, Practice Manager of Cybersecurity, Quorum


The implementation of Cyber One allowed CountPlus to hand over the management of their security to Quorum’s expert team, with Cyber One providing insights, 24/7 monitoring, and simplified security data. Cyber One allows for CountPlus’s team, who don’t have their own cyber security personnel, to easily and quickly access insights that allow for smooth business strategy development.

‘We’ve found that Cyber One provides more comprehensive monitoring and identifies incidents earlier compared to other solutions. It’s also extremely competitive on price, coming in at four times less expensive than some solutions.’ – Reghinald Gabila, Head of Licensee Systems, CountPlus


Quorum’s Cyber One solution meant CountPlus’ IT manager didn’t have to submit a ticket or email to the Quorum team; instead, slicing and dicing the data through dashboards enabled through Azure to determine insights and share them across the CountPlus team.

  • CyberOne provides Quorum with full visibility into CountPlus’s vulnerabilities and supply patches as needed. This enables them to support CountPlus through an up-to-date security strategy with direct insight across their systems
  • CountPlus IT staff can view the Quorum team’s progress in real-time, simplifying communications and streamlining shared priorities
  • The security posture of CountPlus does not drift, with an easy way to monitor the estate continuously within the Cyber One platform. This provides peace of mind and support for the organisation as it continues to grow
  • CountPlus’ Secure Score jumped nearly 4x after its adoption of Cyber One, reaching a Secure Score of 79

‘We used Microsoft solutions to develop Cyber One—a valuable tool that really hits the mark. I’m most proud of the impact our product is having to enable our customers to enhance their security.’ – Gavin van Niekerk, Practice Manager of Cybersecurity, Quorum

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