Managed Services

Managed Networks

A holistic approach to networks

Quorum’s Managed Services team provides network management and support services across a wide range of providers and hardware. Having experts on hand to manage your network can be a critical differentiator, reducing investment in resources, offering agility and reliability to teams and superior security solutions. We provide network management solutions for our clients, with our engineers managing everything from incident responses to moves, additions and changes. We also develop a custom schedule that enables rolling firmware updates across devices with minimal business disruption.


Maximise efficiency, minimise downtime

Avoid time-consuming management and create efficiencies across your team with our Network Managed Service. Reallocate internal resources, freeing your team up to work within their realm of expertise, rather than complicated networking infrastructures. As network specialists, we bring the best of our expertise to your team, providing direct daily benefits through the protection of your infrastructure and the prioritisation of your team’s time and energy.

Complex network navigation

Our Managed Services also identify security gaps, analysing whether networks are architected to meet best practice and implementing solutions where issues are highlighted. We monitor the entire network across all devices, manage configuration and streamline processes to manage alerts, offering a simple solution to the complex networks of modern businesses and organisations.

We work on a solution that fits you and your business infrastructure. To understand and manage your network requirements, we are able to quickly adapt and recommend best practice approaches while working across a number of leading network vendors, including:

  • Cisco
  • HP/Aruba
  • Fortinet
  • Xirrus/Cambium
  • Meraki


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