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We are a proud Azure Infrastructure Microsoft Solutions Partner with seven Microsoft Specialisations, which affirms us as one of Australia’s leading Azure partners. Our team of Azure specialists live and breathe cloud computing and have been at the forefront of Azure since Microsoft invested in Australian datacentres in 2015. We build comprehensive, secure solutions that are based on current and future organisational demands.

Whether you’re looking to benefit from the single pane of glass management model, our unique security features, or our Infrastructure as Code rapid deployments, we’re ready to get to work.

Realise your cloud future with Azure

Driving resiliency, efficiency, and innovation via embracing cloud technology is integral to your business strategy and operations. Ensuring the right approach and undertaking a meaningful solution can be its own challenge.

Identifying and enabling your digital transformation with Azure is crucial to maintaining agility and competitiveness. With the options to build, run and manage workloads across multiple clouds and on-premises environments, Azure enables teams to customise solutions and service based on their needs.

Unlock your Azure potential

The Azure platform enables organisations to embrace cloud computing services, providing essential compute, storage and networking resources on demand. Taking a holistic approach to your transformation, we provide strategic guidance on your Azure environment.

One of the challenges we see clients encounter is inefficiency and inconsistencies within their existing Azure platform. Understanding the business requirements alongside Azure capabilities is often a tricky balance for internal IT teams to navigate without specialised expertise.

Our expert consultants will workshop, and then architect, your Azure solution to meet your business objectives and needs. We’ll plan the migration path that will have you leveraging Azure in no time.

Building the business case for Azure

Azure is central to Microsoft’s Cloud First approach and offers the potential to dramatically transform your organisation’s technology stack, reducing maintenance of on-premises data centres, reducing hardware costs and building real-time business insights. Some of the benefits of Azure include:

  • Rock Solid BCP & Disaster Recovery enabling resilience and retention
  • Industry leading geographic coverage across 50+ regions and 140+ countries
  • Access Azure experts at the forefront of technology
  • Simple infinite scalability
  • Retire the need for a 3-5 year hardware refresh and replace it with a pay-as-you-grow model: Cloud’s OpEx structure vastly simplifies the ongoing management of the server lifecycle
  • Reduce or negate the complexity and overhead of buying and managing physical servers and data centre infrastructure
  • Azure takes care of the infrastructure which allows teams move their focus to higher business value tasks
  • Security is built-in, not bolted on
Quorum: your Azure experts

We’ve done it. We’ve cracked the Azure code. The secret? Finding the right people.

We’ve worked with Azure since the early days, witnessing every iteration of Azure. We’ve also been at the forefront of innovation, attending Microsoft conferences globally – and we’ve got the accreditations to prove it.

However, it’s not just about skills alone. Crafting an Azure strategy requires a unique personality – one that recognises that creativity, problem-solving, teamwork and commitment to delivering outcomes achieve work of the highest standard.


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