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Cyber One

A leading Managed Detection and Response Service

Our work with clients across major verticals and industries has continued to highlight the advanced, sophisticated and often targeted attacks major organisations are facing in the modern workplace. In response to a radically shifting digital landscape, Quorum has developed Cyber One, a Managed Detection and Response capability built on Microsoft technology, supplemented through an intelligent customer management portal. This managed detection and response service equips our customers with remotely delivered modern security operations centre (MSOC) functions. Our agile, effective team can work from anywhere, coming alongside our clients for the long term as they mature their security posture.

Cyber One enables our customers to streamline Security Service Delivery and Incident Management across the entirety of their Microsoft 365 and Azure environments. This Managed Security Service delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise within one holistic, streamlined solution for alert detection, threat visibility, incident trends and vulnerabilities insight. This benefits teams who would otherwise manage multiple channels, platforms, integrations and data feeds, creating time-consuming and complex challenges to centralising security practices. Cyber One’s custom-designed dashboard, shaped for organisational needs and workflows, consolidates information and insights into tangible, accessible tools.

When Cyber One detects or suspects an incident, Quorum’s Managed Detection and Response Team analyse, contain, and remediate, often working in coordination with the internal IT team to resolve the incident and provide an in-depth post-incident analysis.

One unified picture

With Cyber One built to capture security alerts and insights across Microsoft 365 and Azure alike, your organisation can benefit from a true single pane of glass approach to security management. Find insights across physical infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, posture management, compliance and more within Cyber One’s web-based online portal.

Robust management of security alerts

Since its launch, the Cyber One team has ingested and analysed over 2,000,000 security alerts. Our highly experienced team of security experts establish a customer baseline for each client, ensuring automation features provided within the Microsoft Defender suite of products, and those within Microsoft Sentinel, are deployed quickly and effectively utilised.

This results in a reduction of mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) for our customers, decreasing the impact of disruption on business continuity within daily operations.

Monitoring across endpoints

Cyber One brings transparency and visibility to endpoint management, no matter the scale of the organisation or its suite of devices. With thousands of endpoints under management, Quorum’s Cyber One management portal provides immediate access to timely and up-to-the-minute data across the organisation’s entire network of digital tools.

Quorum is highly recognised within the Australian cyber security industry. Cyber One is our unique Microsoft-endorsed offering, building on the very best of what Microsoft 365 and Azure have to offer.

Cyber One’s key benefits

Cyber One provides one single solution for monitoring the cyber security needs of organisations of all scales and maturity. Its key benefits include:

  • Security Service Delivery and Incident Management provided by the Quorum Managed Detection and Response Team
  • A single pane of glass, allowing all important security data and the organisation’s current security posture to be seen at a glance
  • Reductions in the ‘mean time to response’ through the proactive notification of customers, and the Quorum team, of potential or identified risks (such as known or emerging vulnerabilities across applications, endpoints or Azure resources)
  • Continuous improvement of the organisation’s cyber security posture in order to reduce risk elements, balancing short-term improvements alongside long-term client objectives
  • Compliance with industry framework regulations, such as ISO 27001
  • Manage insider risk and increase security awareness training for all users


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