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Investing in the future with Windows 365

Delivering consistent end-user experiences across all devices is a greater priority for organisations than ever before. In this highly mobile world, teams require physical and virtual PCs to cater to their changing environments and needs. Windows 365 empowers teams to harness the power and security of the cloud, enabling efficiency and simplicity to get on with the task at hand.

Working together, our priority is to deliver the complete Windows experience from the Microsoft Cloud to any device within your organisation. You can give your teams the freedom they need to work anywhere and across any device.

Our engineers design a centralised service through Microsoft Endpoint Manager that meets the unique needs of the organisation, building a reliable, holistic and integrated Windows enterprise framework that simplifies device management.


Windows 365 unlocks your cloud potential:

  • Secure solutions – utilising Microsoft cloud ensures continuity and cyber safety across BYOD and remote working environment
  • Responsive scalability – with easy scalability, computing options can be scaled as needed to meet the needs of your team
  • Simplified deployment and management – Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows for easy administration and security of all physical and virtual endpoints within a unified console, freeing up time and resources within your IT team
  • Increased data protection – centralised data and access in the cloud enable robust risk mitigation. Mitigate threats with multi-factor authentication provisions and keep data safe within the cloud, not on local devices
  • Increased security and compliance capacities – Windows 365 allows for a centralised, cloud-based approach to managing security, identity and compliance solutions from Microsoft
  • Rapid setup – stream windows experiences to any device that’s supported and find personalised cloud storage that protects your team’s devices and data
  • Predictable pricing – forecast and plan with the benefit of monthly fixed per-user pricing, and remove the cost of maintaining your own data centre


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