Cloud Security

Future-focused cloud security solutions

As hybrid and remote workflows and teams become the standard, rather than the exception, modern work environments require modern solutions. Cloud Security is the new frontier of organisational security, with many organisations prioritising digital transformations to remain agile, responsive and future-focused.

We enable organisations as they transition from traditional on-premises security systems to hybrid or cloud-based solutions, keeping the practical risk of cyberattacks at the forefront of considerations. We align with customers to prioritise cloud security as a cornerstone of their digital workflows, enabling these organisations to benefit from robust and strategic security implementations.

Quorum is one of the top Microsoft Solutions partners within Australia, servicing organisations across major industries. By combining modern work, managed services and security capabilities, we are a trusted and recommended Microsoft partner. We deliver strong, secure results, drawing on our decades of Microsoft expertise and our unique combination of security services.

Using Defender for Cloud, we secure both your Azure, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and on-premises workloads, ensuring:

  • The application of regulatory compliance standards to all resources
  • A continual assessment of the cloud environment, with strategic recommendations that are aligned with best practices enabling protection against threats in Azure (Iaas and PaaS), Multi-Cloud, and on-premises workloads

Our Azure and Modern Work expertise

Our expert Cloud Security team is enriched by our specialties across Azure and Modern Work, resulting in best-practice outcomes for our clients. They benefit from our team’s shared insights, granular understandings and cross-collaboration.

As a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner with Advanced Specialisations in Microsoft Security, our team of Azure specialists live and breathe cloud computing and organisational Azure environment usage. Our Modern Work expertise across Modern Endpoints, Microsoft Managed Desktop, Microsoft 365 and Windows 365 allows us to build holistic Cloud Security solutions that are scalable, adaptable and effective.


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