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Life @ Quorum

The customer service we’re known for all begins with an excellent culture. Quorum is built from the ground up with people who are hired first and foremost for their culture fit, empowering individuals to become a part of a strong, collaborative team that works from shared values.

Quorum began as a glimmer of an idea amongst our founders. As they worked in the technology industry, they noticed a gap between the results they were delivering and the results they were capable of. By gathering industry-leading talent and taking the time to grow the business slowly and strategically, Quorum is now built on a foundation of excellence and achievement, delivering exceptional results for our wide range of clients.

Our work is grounded in our priority on doing what is right, always, with Karma as our intrinsic guiding value. With a gentle growth trajectory at our core, we live this out across every project, bringing an attention to detail that sets our clients apart within their industries.

Whether you’re looking for a new team to bring your best work to, or for a technical partner who can accelerate your business’s capacities, we welcome the opportunity to meet you.



Join the Quorum Crew

Looking for a meaningful, engaging career move? You’re in the right place.

We could point to our Great Place To Work accreditations for the past three years or the fact that many of our team have been part of the Quorum team for over 10 years. What about the fact that our employee satisfaction score has never dropped below 85%?

The thing we think you need to know, however? At Quorum, we’re picky (in a good way).

We build our team with culture fit as our #1 priority. We believe that skills can be taught, but culture is instinctual. This priority means that the success of our team, the rhythm of daily office life and the outcomes for our clients are supported through each and every one of our hires.


What we offer you

We are an award-winning Microsoft Partner, working in a buzzing, forward thinking cultural hub as we deliver the latest cloud technology solutions. You will have trust, support and autonomy from a highly skilled team of professionals who are not afraid to make decisions and take the next step as the world shifts into a new way of working.

At Quorum, we will always hire for culture first. People are at the core of what we do, and we have built an inclusive team environment that celebrates freedom and flexibility. We love to stay connected by having regular office drinks, social events, and free Friday lunches.

We believe in work/life balance and putting people first. With a unique culture of collaboration and flexibility, we feel privileged to live the Modern Workplace vision.


Quorum Benefits

Be part of an award-winning team 
Comprised of the best Microsoft talent in the region

Incredible Culture
We’ve been voted in the top 20 workplaces in Australia the last 2 years running

Hybrid Work ‘Work Anywhere’
Work is a thing we do, and not always a place we go

Mental Wellbeing Care
Confidential and anonymous professional counselling service for all our team

Diverse and Inclusive 
Our desire is to create a culture where everyone is included allowing them to be their best

Paid Parental Leave
For both primary and secondary caregivers

Income Protection
Peace of mind in the event of a personal accident

The infamous ping-pong table
Prepare to be challenged!

Fully stocked kitchen
With a range of food, drinks and snacks to keep you sustained

Continuous Training
We provide you with the training needed to embrace the technology of tomorrow

Free Lunch Friday
A place for the team to connect after a busy week

Wellness Program
Co-investment in subscriptions that supports your health and well-being (Gym, Yoga, etc)

One Team
There’s no inner circle, everyone from leadership to graduates share information, knowledge, and ideas

Home internet and mobile phone
Are on us!

In Office Massages
Allows a disconnect for both the mind and body

We’re a social bunch
Enjoy regular team and company social events



Meet our talented Talent Acquisition team!


As our Practice Manager for Talent Acquisition, I’m responsible for leading our Talent team as we build out our amazing employee ecosystem at The Cloud Collective.

It’s all about the blend of tech and culture for us. Our projects, and the incredible Microsoft solutions that we implement, really speak for themselves. We are obsessed with finding people who share our passion for technology, and ensuring they have the best experience possible, with our genuine, people-centric approach to recruitment.

I fill my spare time with a bunch of geeky hobbies, which is a great way to connect with the people that we meet for our roles at The Cloud Collective. I love playing MOBA’s like Dota 2, am an avid reader of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and spend an unusual amount of time writing and editing INI files to automate a very old MMO called Everquest.

Working with people is the most amazing part of my job. The first 14 years of my career were spent in hospitality, meeting every type of personality you can imagine, and this is well-reflected in our talent acquisition process.

Open roles at Quorum

Life at Quorum

Team success stories

Get a taste of our team in action and a sneak peek of where a career at Quorum can take you.

When Harry was in school, he wanted to be a fighter pilot. Luckily for us, he soon found himself shifting gears into the world of IT! Harry began as an IT assistant within a small team before he moved into a junior administrator role at a Managed Services partner. After a promotion into a Solutions Architect position, Harry then moved to Quorum, bringing all he had learnt with him.

Harry’s first role at Quorum was as a Systems Engineer within the Projects team. He then moved into a Technical Consultant position prior to becoming a Principal Consultant – a role Harry had a part in creating when he pointed out that every member of the Quorum team was involved in delivering solutions, as well as client care.

Harry deeply enjoys consulting, working with clients to identify what they truly need and building long-term relationships based on genuine service. At Quorum, Harry is able to put both his technical and client-facing skills to use, delivering robust outcomes for a wide range of clients on a daily basis.

When Gemma joined Quorum, she was immediately surprised by its culture: “The team are fun, honest, and they hire really good people, prioritising integrity, morals and good standing, regardless of their technology background.” Gemma’s career at Quorum exemplifies the priority the business places on development opportunities, with a recent promotion to Principal Consultant.

Gemma highlights the importance of prioritising excellence and people in what it is that she believes makes Quorum different. During her employment, Gemma has enhanced her skill set through learning new technologies and developing soft skills: “I’ve learned a lot about myself thanks to the authentic workplace.”

Now, Gemma mentors Quorum team members, enjoying seeing them flourish and change based on the support she’s able to provide them. She also loves the opportunity to get excited about new tech, constantly learning through Quorum’s access to innovative technologies. As Gemma has continued to expand in her career, Quorum has fully supported her interests that are fundamental to that growth.

When it comes to new hires, Gemma advises, “We’re here to support them. This is an amazing place to work.”

Danielle wanted to be a PE teacher – until she took a compulsory IT class in high school, leading her down an IT-related path, which ultimately led her to Quorum. Danielle highlights Quorum’s degree-agnostic position, looking instead for people who are committed to their jobs and who share Quorum’s key values. She loves working with proactive clients who recognise the value of Quorum’s advice and who view their cybersecurity and IT as an investment, not an expense.

“Even at the interview stage, I was immediately impressed with Quorum. Everyone had so much character, they were so keen to get to know me and to have a conversation, not an interrogation – I felt like I was part of the team already. I felt like I needed to work here. These people were my people.”

Danielle values Quorum’s space for autonomy, with each team member empowered to own their work. There’s also a willingness to collaborate and help, with a company culture that’s shaped around supporting each other’s priorities.

For those who may be considering joining the Quorum team, Danielle’s advice is “Apply. You won’t look back if you get the job. No mistake can be made by getting a job at Quorum!”

Feruccio was always good with computers, so it’s not surprising that he “fell into” the IT world. Feruccio had friends who worked at Quorum, and his impression of the company was that it was one of the best places to work, thanks to a friendly and welcoming culture.

When Feruccio started with Quorum in 2013, it felt more like a family than a job. Even with almost a decade of company growth, “everyone has each other’s backs, which is really rare in the corporate world – everyone’s here to work hard, get along and do the best they can.” He’s deeply enjoyed watching the company expand, crediting the culture to the fantastic leadership team.

Trust is a key component for Feruccio. He recognises that at Quorum, people are respected to do their jobs, with a high degree of autonomy amidst a collaborative environment. He sees this trust with Quorum’s clients, too, who see the way the Quorum team looks to add value – even if it means going beyond the original job scope.

“Our quality of work aligns with our values: we deliver what we say we’re going to deliver. We’re constantly asking, “how can we help you better in the long term, not just for the short term?”. It’s why so many of our clients return time and time again.”

Lee’s love for technology developed at an early age, when his parents brought a computer home, and he spent hours playing with Microsoft Paint. Starting in the industry over a decade ago, Lee continued to build his cloud skills before joining the Quorum team three years ago.

When Lee discovered Quorum, he was intrigued by the opportunity to focus on one technology. ‘What brought me to Quorum was that they were cloud-focused and Microsoft-focused. I get to focus my energy on the Microsoft framework. Having the opportunity to work within one framework – it’s something I’ve never seen before, this kind of toolset, in nine years of working in this field.’

Lee began his career at Quorum as a systems engineer within the Cloud Infrastructure team before moving over to Quorum’s Cyber team. He points to the opportunities to grow and shift within his career as one of the major benefits of working at Quorum: ‘My progression has gone in leaps and bounds since I joined Quorum. I’ve always been supported here.’

Lee also notes the transparency of Quorum’s leadership team: ‘At Quorum, when you raise something with leadership, you know it’ll be heard and valued. I didn’t have that in my other teams. Knowing the option is there is really good.’

Sayeh’s career began in the hospitality industry before a desire for more traditional hours led her into project management. After working in a telecommunications role as a corporate receptionist, Sayeh took up an opportunity within a project administration role, bringing her closer to crossing Quorum’s path.

Sayeh first met members of the Quorum team in a social setting: ‘they were the life of the party!’. Ultimately, the culture of the team is what attracted Sayeh to Quorum, giving her peace of mind that everything the leadership team shared in the interview was true.

‘At Quorum, you work with a lot of high achievers’, says Sayeh. ‘Everyone’s nice and helpful, and team members respect each other – and we all bring our A-game. We also have balance and diversity across the team dynamics.’

As a part of a small team, Sayeh identifies the attributes of a Quorum team member as someone who wants to grow as a person, with a priority on professional development that allows each team member to make the first step in their career. She notes that the level of transparency at Quorum is unique, with weekly one-on-ones and quarterly company reviews empowering employees to access a level of detail that creates a robust understanding of Quorum’s priorities and growth.

Sayeh’s advice for anyone who’s considering pursuing a career at Quorum? ‘You will love this workplace. You’ve made a good choice!’

Anson wanted to be a policeman when he was young, but his interest in computing led him to his role as a Senior Systems Engineer within the Quorum team today. A lover of problem-solving, Anson believes his work at Quorum is much like his superpower ability to solve complicated Rubik’s cubes: you identify patterns, and then you work through common steps of solving the problems. ‘I did a lot of puzzles and problem-solving as a kid. I think it’s largely the same thing!’

‘The culture is my favourite part of working at Quorum’, says Anson. ‘It makes coming to work not feel like a chore.’

Anson also points to Quorum’s prioritisation of employee growth and career development. ‘Quorum plays to your strengths and skills – it’s very proactive in trying to benefit you personally and professionally. They put care into each individual member.’

One of the most important things Anson identifies for potential Quorum employees is passion. That passion for IT is a part of what drives Anson to deliver excellent results for his clients throughout his work in our team. ‘We work hard and we play hard, building strong personal and professional relationships. There are lots of perks to working inside Quorum.’

Anson’s selling point for anyone who’s considering becoming a part of the Quorum team? ‘There’s nothing to hide at Quorum. You can be yourself, no matter what – you can talk to someone on the team and feel safe.’

We Live By

Our Values


At Quorum, we do what is right, always.

When we hold ourselves to account, look after the client’s interest, and provide a true partnership, the rest takes care of itself.


We are a team and are passionate about what we do.

Real people come to work at Quorum every day, bringing new ideas and fresh thinking. We consult, and we collaborate. We take a sincere approach to work, authentic in all that we do.


The right approach delivers the right outcome.

There’s a reason we consistently deliver the goods: our commitment to a rock-solid process that gets results each and every time.


We make our commitments carefully and do what we say we will.

We’re deeply passionate about what we do. We’re extremely capable and always dependable. We thrive on a cycle of continuous learning – there’s nothing complacent about our team.


Be happy and never stop learning.

Sometimes, cliches work for a reason. We work hard, and we play hard. When the time is right, we embrace fun, celebrating our achievements as a team.

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