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Tenant Migrations

Connecting workloads between Microsoft 365 tenancies

Quorum has worked across mergers, acquisitions and divestitures to navigate tenant-to-tenant migrations, delivering seamless and intuitive migration solutions. With the development of our own internal IP and processes, we’ve tackled major migrations with some of Australia’s largest brands. As no tenant-to-tenant migration is the same, we utilise a tried and tested approach to tackle challenges of any scale.

We navigate the practical and regulatory requirements of major tenant-to-tenant migrations, whether one tenancy is moved into another or both organisations are migrated into a new target tenant.

The benefits of Quorum’s tenant-to-tenant migrations

With each tenant-to-tenant migration presenting unique challenges and considerations, Quorum’s approach is a sophisticated combination of application-specific products and expertise gained from years of first-hand experience. We navigate potential issues such as downtime during migrations, the re-profiling of applications, objects or containers existing across multiple sources, tenant switching, workloads without migration paths and more.

Through careful planning, robust communication, thorough tooling and strategic execution, we deliver successful tenant-to-tenant migrations that ensure business continuity and security.

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migrations

We also help customers migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 to help improve collaboration using similar tools and approaches that we use for our Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations.


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