Information Protection & Data Governance

With data being a critical asset, a “crown jewel” protection is paramount. Information protection and data governance ensure protection from unauthorised access, modification or disruption of personal and company data. Our service offerings enable customers to quickly and effectively leverage Microsoft Information Protection systems and platforms to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability through encryption technologies to enable robust data protection capability.

We work with businesses to plan, discover, categorise content, leveraging data labels to protect their information. Leveraging defined processes and practices, including organisational change management, to let businesses continue functioning while keeping their sensitive documents safe, avoiding data breaches, and meeting regulatory requirements such as APRA CPS.

Holding an Advanced Specialisation in Information Protection, Quorum enables effective compliance across Azure, Microsoft 365, and 3rd Party solutions. Our use of the Zero Trust framework is inherent in the development of our offerings and further bolsters the implementation of compliance within an organisation enabling a reliable security solution for modern organisations.

As experts across the full range of Microsoft compliance capabilities, we work with customers on their compliance journeys. Quorum brings accredited and Advanced Specialisations into the data protection of each client.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

We use leading Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Purview Information Protection, to build and maintain comprehensive DLP solutions. With built-in, intelligent, unified solutions, we ensure organisations prevent data loss by navigating data sensitivities and customising risk protection procedures.


Insider Risk

Our wide experience across modern risk pain points enables us to provide each of our clients with industry-leading insider risk mitigation strategies and safeguards. We use Microsoft’s Purview Insider Risk Management solution to minimise internal risks through the detection, investigation and response to malicious and accidental activities within your organisation.


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