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Microsoft Entra

In an era of boundless virtual expansion, securing identities has become the new frontier of digital security. While we once focused on fortifying networks and on-premises systems, the spotlight has now shifted to identity protection.

Microsoft Entra is designed to help organisations strengthen their security posture, while eliminating complexity and extra costs by simplifying your IAM, shortening product development timelines, and improving user productivity.

At the heart of Microsoft Entra lies a vision for modern, secure access. Identity should serve as a gateway to innovation and collaboration, not a barrier that hinders progress. In an interconnected world, trust is in high demand. Microsoft Entra steps forward as the trusted fabric, extending identity and access solutions across the digital ecosystem.

Unified Identity and Network Access

Entra provides you with a centralised platform to secure identities and access, safeguarding your digital realm.

Ensure secure access to any app or resource, from any location

Leverage adaptive identity and network access controls to fortify entry to applications and resources for all users and digital workloads within your entire environment.

Validate and safeguard every identity

Apply consistent security policies across all users, including employees, frontline workers, customers, partners, as well as apps, devices, and workloads spanning multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Grant only the necessary access

Efficiently manage permissions, oversee access life cycles, and enforce least privilege access for every identity.

Streamline user experience

Mitigate IT friction and enhance the hybrid workforce experience through seamless resource access, single sign-on, user self-service management, and automated lifecycle workflows.

Entra in action

Take the example of a network of schools. With thousands of students, teachers, and contractors across multiple campuses, all requiring access to different areas of the network, data, licenses and so on.

Entra is specifically designed to streamline this process, for you, your team and for the end user.

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realise by deploying Entra products.

Forrester aggregated the interviewees’ experiences and combined the results into a single composite organisation. The key quantifiable findings were:

  • 240% return on investment
  • 50% increase in IAM team efficiency
  • 20% reduced likelihood of a breach from strengthened security posture
  • Shortened time to receive access to resources by 90% due to improved product development velocity
  • 75% reduction to password reset requests due to self-service
  • Average productivity increase of 13 hours per year for business end users.

While the unquantifiable (for the purposes of the study) were:

  • Strengthened security through modern authentication capabilities
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduction in the amount of vendors
  • Reduced costs through license rationalisation
  • Reduced level of effort managing IAM tools and infrastructure

Read the full report here.

Why Choose Quorum for a Seamless Entra Experience

Admittedly, Entra isn’t an everyday endeavour for most IT teams. Setting it up and ensuring seamless operation should not entail a massive undertaking that diverts your valuable resources.

Our Expertise

We bring in-depth knowledge of Permissions Management, offering best practices and expert guidance to fortify your security strategy.

Risk Assessment

Navigate the Entra Permissions Management risk assessment with our guidance, identifying and mitigating top permission risks across your multi-cloud infrastructure.

Onboarding and Deployment Support

Rely on us for comprehensive assistance throughout the onboarding and deployment process for Permissions Management within your digital ecosystem.


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