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As one of Australia’s leading Modern Work and Security Partners, Quorum is at the forefront of transforming organisations to modern endpoints and solutions. Like never before, organisations need to manage and enable secure access to corporate resources across mobile, desktop, and virtual endpoints. Part of the Modernise Endpoints Jumpstart Program and Windows 365 GoFast Program, we’re one of the only partners in Australia with deep capabilities across Microsoft Managed Desktop, W365, and AVD.

Our entire organisational ethos is centred on achieving strong, flexible, and adaptable work platforms. Ready for the challenge, we continue to work responsively and effectively across our customers’ greater demands, positioning us at the forefront of Modern Work technology.

We achieve this through:

  • Our status as one of the only partners in Australia working across Microsoft Managed Desktop, Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, bringing shared expertise across each solution
  • Our position within the Modernise Endpoints Jumpstart Program and Windows 365 GoFast Program
  • Meaningful integration of our security practice to help secure the modern endpoint
  • A Modern Endpoints team that operates across 3 states
  • Our status as the first in Australia to achieve the Modernise Endpoints Specialisation

Our expertise across modern workplace requirements allows us to meet employees’ needs for flexible work, digital tools and hybrid spaces that align with business outcomes. By utilising Microsoft’s suite of tools, we empower organisations to transform into digital-first teams, increasing productivity, unlocking business capacity and enhancing employee experiences.

Modern endpoint management for the future

The end of 2021 set an expectation around the world of improvement: eased restrictions, the return of international travel, and an integration of the global pandemic into daily life. 2022 proved that, instead, businesses were set for more ‘unprecedented times’. Businesses that hadn’t adapted to the new operating conditions were left with no alternatives.

This heralded a change in client expectations as to how they managed endpoints. 2020’s novel, fast solutions were replaced by the need for longevity, as they looked for solutions that would enhance, not just ‘patch the problem’. With the genuine integration of hybrid work as the new normal, our clients engaged with Modern Endpoint Management as a key strategy for future-proofing the organisation. We’ve worked alongside our clients to accelerate these outcomes, deploying or influencing the deployment of over 60,000 devices.


Do more, with less

Our clients are under constant pressure to achieve more within increasingly complex technological landscapes. We equip them to accomplish this through automation, standardisation and simplification, with modern endpoint management offering a compelling solution to myriad business challenges.

Modern endpoints provide seamless integration with Quorum’s Microsoft Zero Trust Security model, reducing the complexity and overhead increases that can occur within legacy traditional approaches. We provide streamlined solutions within a proven process for clients who need to adapt to varying priorities, resulting in bespoke design solutions customised to their organisation’s needs.

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