Threat Protection

We use the capabilities of Microsoft’s security solutions to protect businesses from modern cybercrime, with our customers ranging from small businesses to organisations with tens of thousands of seats. Our clients recognise threat protection is an investment, not a cost, securing the future of your business and the productivity of your users.

Holding an Advanced Specialisation in Threat Protection, Quorum enables effective threat protection across Azure, M365, Identities, and Endpoints. With the ability to architect and deploy all components of the Microsoft Cyber Security Reference Architecture, Quorum works with customers of all levels of security postures. We identify gaps and implement the appropriate toolset (supplemented by people and process) to ensure threat protection is raised to the appropriate level to manage business risk.

We partner with organisations to build a genuine understanding of the role of threat protection in their digital ecosystems. Embedding the MITRE Att&ck framework within all aspects of cyber security enables a deep understanding of known and emerging threat actors, their associated tactics and techniques to enable robust and continuous threat protection capability.


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