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Information Protection

Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview Information Protection, formerly Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) is an intelligent, unified and extensible framework. The offering brings a suite of products together to provide visualisation of sensitive data across an entire organisation. Microsoft Information Protection enables lifecycle protection for data and data loss protection, creating capabilities to discover and protect your data across Microsoft 365 apps, services, on-premises, devices, and third-party apps.

We enable the prevention of accidental or inappropriate sharing of information, delivered through Microsoft’s comprehensive protection solution. Information Protection creates the necessary visibility to identify important data across hybrid environments. It also applies flexible protection actions dependent on the needs of your organisation (such as encryption, access restrictions and visual markings).

We build and customise Information Protection according to the classification needs of our clients. The scale ranges from out-of-the-box sensitive information to machine learning trainable classifiers; Purview Information Protection allows automatic detection and classification of sensitive content at great scale. We can help you identify critical capabilities across both cloud and on-premises information storage, working with you to enhance your document and email security.

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection enables the classification, labelling and protection of confidential documents and emails. Emails are encrypted, and the forwarding of confidential information is blocked, with customised restrictions and permission provisions.

Windows Information Protection

Achieve security across corporate data on employee-owned devices with Windows Information Protection. Corporate data, not personal data, is separated and identified, then encrypted and restricted in order to meet security standards and requirements.

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