Cyber Security

Cyber War Room

Test, train and tune within a cyber war room

Cyber war rooms train your team to be match-ready for any potential threats. Quorum utilises war-rooming within an ‘arena’ that provides Cyber Security teams with necessary, real-world experience within an isolated and safe environment. The results? Tested, trained and finely tuned technical skills that drive response processes, necessary recovery tasks and streamlined procedures when the team is faced with Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

We’ll work alongside your team to define your security operations risk profile, evaluating the operational gap between your current and future states. This process also informs the design and deployment, providing insights into the effective use of Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft XDR.

Teams will emerge with the ability to build and refine advanced use cases derived from known and emerging threats, and gain validated security operations readiness and response playbooks.

How we operate our war rooms

As one of Microsoft’s leading Security Partners, we reach beyond our technical capabilities and expertise, expanding our service through the quality of education and support we offer your team. We curate individual training programs for our clients that are shaped to their needs, environments and considerations, providing ongoing support well beyond the war room itself.

Cyber attack campaigns are not divorced from real battlefields. War rooms enable us to ready your team for battle, providing IT teams with essential operations training to face and overcome known and emerging cyber threats.

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