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Attack Surface Analysis

A defence in depth cyber security is a strategy that we believe provides the best balance between security and business effectiveness. Effective Cyber security is not a one-off exercise, requiring continual effort, refinement, and optimisation. In this era of hybrid work, shadow IT creates an increasingly serious security risk. The Cyber One Team perform continuous monitoring using capabilities such as External Attack Surface Management to quickly identify unknown and unmanaged resources outside the firewall.

Monitoring your attack surface

Expanding your digital footprint, embracing new technologies, driving hybrid work… many of the endeavours IT teams take on pose risks to the businesses attack surface, leaving systems and data vulnerable.

Within an organisations digital ecosystem, identifying and thwarting attack vectors takes constant vigilance.

With Cyber One’s Attack Surface Analysis, your organisations ecosystem is constantly being evaluated for vulnerabilities. Delivering intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across your business, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response.

Combined with Threat Intelligence and custom indicators sourced from open-source data feeds, threat intelligence-sharing communities, commercial intelligence feeds, and local intelligence gathered in security investigations you can quickly identify, and remediate threats.

The best solution to avoiding data loss, employee records, financial and product information is to strengthen your shield remotely and on-premises with Cyber One as your first line of defence.

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