25 Jul 2023

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Sentinel with Quorum: Your Trusted Deployment Partner

So you’re sold on the incredible benefits of Microsoft Sentinel, and you’re itching to get it up and running in your environment. But how do you actually make it happen? That’s where Quorum comes in! We have a proven track record of deploying Sentinel in a wide range of environments, from simple setups to complex configurations. In fact, we recently completed an entire deployment in just four weeks! 💨

Now, we’re not promising that your deployment will be that quick, but here’s what we can guarantee: When you partner with Quorum, you gain access to unrivalled expertise, built-in learnings, and streamlined processes that ensure a seamless and efficient deployment of Sentinel. We’ve honed our approach to perfection, and we’re ready to show you how it’s done. 🚀

Step 1: Workshops – Collaborating for Success

Our team of expert consultants is at the heart of the deployment process. From day one, we work closely with you, engaging in a series of workshops to understand your unique requirements, use cases, and business objectives. We delve deep into the details, leaving no stone unturned. By the end of these workshops, we have a clear understanding of what you want Sentinel to achieve for you. It’s a critical step that sets the foundation for project success.

Step 2: Data Collection – Powering Your Insights

Data collection is a vital component of Sentinel’s effectiveness. We kickstart this process by implementing the necessary data connectors tailored to your use cases. Whether it’s basic connectors for your Microsoft environment, standard connectors for on-premises infrastructure, or complex connectors for highly customised applications, we ensure that your data flows seamlessly into Sentinel. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible so that you can start harnessing the power of Sentinel to detect and respond to threats.

Step 3: Incidents and Alerts – Empowering Your Security Operations

With the data flowing, we move on to defining incidents and alerts. We work with you to customise the analytics rules based on templates and align them with your incident management process. This ensures that the right alerts are triggered, and incidents are prioritised based on impact and urgency. In addition, we create interactive workbooks that serve as your go-to dashboards for incident management, trend analysis, and executive reporting. These workbooks are not static; they provide intelligent insights and enable you to make data-driven decisions.

But here’s where Sentinel takes it a step further: Automation. While other SIEM platforms merely scratch the surface when it comes to automation, Sentinel, with its integration with Microsoft’s mature Logic Apps service, stands out from the crowd. We set up playbooks from day one, enabling semi-automated and fully automated actions based on predefined rules. This means that your incident management processes can be streamlined, reducing human error and response time.

So, what’s next? How quickly can you get started with Sentinel? While every deployment is unique, we’ve proven that it’s possible to go from start to finish in just four weeks. By initially implementing the basic connectors, workbooks, and playbooks, we can swiftly demonstrate the platform’s capabilities and get you up and running. From there, we work together to identify the next set of features and functionalities that align with your evolving needs.

Ready to embark on a Sentinel deployment journey like no other? Partner with Quorum, Australia’s leading Microsoft accredited cyber security specialists, and unlock the true potential of Microsoft Sentinel. Don’t wait to fortify your defences and proactively combat cyber threats. Contact us today and let’s take your security to new heights! 🔒🌟

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