Hybrid Networking

Cloud-driven Networking

Hybrid networks continue to define the evolving infrastructure model for future-focused organisations. When configured properly, hybrid networks offer agility, reliability and cost-effectiveness that can’t be matched by traditional WAN/MPLS networks, all without compromising on superior security.

Hybrid networks empower organisations of all scales to work towards reliable and secure work environments designed for the future. By providing the reliability and security of a traditional private network with the cost-effective scalability of the online world, hybrid networks enable easy additions to the network, safe access by remote workers, increased organisational flexibility and simplified troubleshooting.

Our Cloud First mentality enables us to offer Cloud-driven Hybrid Networking, seamlessly integrating Azure capabilities into both traditional and cloud-based networking scenarios. We overcome network constraints that unlock increased business opportunities through secure, scalable network solutions.

The advantages of

Hybrid networking include:

Hybrid networks leverage the advantages of both internal resources and the internet to optimise speed and security outcomes. Organisations can grow flexibly with support for bandwidth consumption, cloud computing, SaaS, remote worker considerations and more.

Hybrid networks route traffic intelligently to protect against service outages. With the dynamic management of hybrid networks, the need for human intervention in the event of failover is removed, decreasing the risk of errors. Centrally controlled networks enable full visibility, resulting in enhanced insights and improved abilities to manage and mitigate cyber security risks.

By eliminating the need for fully redundant networks built on WAN infrastructure, hybrid networks lead to significant reductions in operating costs.

Hybrid networks focus on the shortest routing path without compromising security controls. As hybrid networks deploy gateways that are closer to business sites and make the most of leveraging cloud-based gateways, the need to route all traffic through secure data centres is either reduced or fully avoided.

Manage devices at scale and maintain network security, even if there are changes in your environment or bandwidth usage. Keep up to date with compliance requirements without sacrificing security parameters.

Looking to understand your employees better? Use network data to achieve business outcomes, identifying opportunities for growth, cost savings or innovation.

How we tackle the challenges of Hybrid Networking

Quorum works with many of Australia’s largest organisations across leading industry verticals. Throughout this work, we’ve seen how common it is for organisations to struggle with the integration of traditional on-premises networks with Azure and other Hybrid Clouds. We provide solutions to all kinds of hybrid network challenges, working with our customers to deploy Azure and cloud services and integrate them seamlessly with on-premises networks.

Our Azure networking services include:

  • Connectivity services, connecting Azure resources and on-premises resources, including Virtual Network (VNet), Virtual WAN, ExpressRoute, VPN Gateway, Virtual network NAT Gateway, Azure DNS, Peering service and Azure Bastion
  • Application protection services, using a combination of Load Balancer, Private Link, DDoS protection, Firewall, Network Security Groups, Web Application Firewall, and Virtual Network Endpoints
  • Application delivery services, using networking services such as Content Delivery Network (CDN), Azure Front Door Service, Traffic Manager, Application Gateway, Internet Analyzer, and Load Balancer
  • Network monitoring, using networking resources such as Network Watcher, ExpressRoute Monitor, Azure Monitor, or VNet Terminal Access Point (TAP)

We design and implement both cloud and on-premises networking solutions from the ground up, including:

  • ExpressRoute and Hybrid Data Centre Connectivity
  • SD-WAN
  • Firewall and Web Application Firewall
  • Enterprise WiFi
  • Load Balancing

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