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15 Jul 2020

Migration Expertise Makes Us The Perfect Partner for Major Kitchen and Bathroom Distributor in Australia

This article originally appeared as part of BitTitan’s Customer Stories series on their website. Thank you BitTitan for choosing to feature us and our work with our client.

Meet Quorum

Quorum is a highly advanced professional and managed services provider that uses targeted IT solutions to suit the demands of the modern business environment. Based in Australia, Quorum has a well-earned reputation for helping some of the nation’s largest brands and organisations transition to the cloud, optimise their infrastructure, and increase overall productivity.

Quorum is also a founding member of Cloud Collective, an alliance of three leading Microsoft Gold partners who have come together to provide a single, holistic approach to complex IT projects. Cloud Collective has won numerous awards for their work, including the “Cloud for Good” category in the Microsoft Australia Partner Awards.

Like many Microsoft partners, part of Quorum’s portfolio of services includes transitioning to Microsoft 365, or between Microsoft 365 tenants. For Technical Director Anthony Mather, BitTitan has been a cornerstone solution in their toolkit for this scenario.

“We first brought BitTitan in specifically for tenant-to-tenant migrations,” said Mather. “We had several council mergers where we had to move 3-4 tenants into one and quickly became well-versed in this scenario. T2T migrations always have manual steps that need to be executed due to the limits of Microsoft 365. MigrationWiz allows us to work through these limitations and build an end-to-end process around the tool.”


Supporting Enterprise Acquisition, Transformation Strategies


As tenant migrations continue to grow in frequency, this expertise has been important for Quorum as they support clients in Australia, including a leading supplier of household consumer products in the region.

For the Service Delivery Manager from this organisation, the partnership with Quorum has been invaluable. The organisation’s Serivce Delivery Manager commented how “it’s a great relationship”, and that Quorum “are a long-term partner for us and understand the bigger picture.” The contact Quorum engaged with at the business advised that his team is small, so he needs to rely on partners to help accomplish key goals. This has been highly successful since the team has not lost one day of productivity in his three years as part of the organisation.

This relationship has involved more than one migration project. In 2018, the business made the decision to transition back from G Suite to Office 365 after internal onboarding and training efforts hit a dead end. With Quorum taking the lead and MigrationWiz providing the underlying vehicle for moving Gmail and Google Drive data, the business was able to smoothly transition its 750 users over to Office 365.

One year later, the Service Delivery Manager’s small team faced an even taller order. Their business made the decision to acquire a large company in an adjacent space that was based in another country. At the time of the acquisition, the businesses combined represented the two largest kitchen and bathroom brands in the region. A large infrastructure migration across legacy applications needed to take place, bringing the newly acquired business into the existing tenant.

With a migration plan that spanned just over three months, members of both teams worked together to migrate approximately 350 users from the acquired company’s tenant, including mailboxes between Exchange Online instances and documents stored in OneDrive accounts. The Service Delivery Manager quickly points again to the value of their partnership with Quorum as a reason for success here.

“Having a third party handle the migration really allowed us to concentrate on ‘business-as-usual’ activities during this time. We could manage the change process and user communications whilst Quorum completed the more technical work.”

The expert assistance from Quorum as a key partner in this process has meant the time of internal resources has been freed up: “This allowed for a smooth transfer of knowledge without the engineers being thrown in the deep end. Without the technical skills of Quorum, there is now way the transition would have gone as smooth as it did.”

Today, Quorum and the Cloud Collective continue to support this organisation business with additional modernisation initiatives, many of which were crucial to supporting a largely remote workforce here in 2020, and beyond.



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