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Enterprise Cyber Security

Together with our partners, we offer a unique service to help users access information and operate securely. We provide customers with a business-aligned security framework, cost-effective strategies, with clear and proactive security roadmaps for the future. We continually innovate our security services and monitoring technologies to provide our clients with intelligent ways to secure information and support business growth.

Identity as the new security boundary

This approach to security requires a vastly different mindset than perimeter defense methodology to security and privacy, where the answer was to build even higher castle walls and deeper moats.

It takes time and involvement to strengthen a company’s defenses against cyber security risks and targeted attacks such as spear-phishing, data exfiltration, compromised accounts, changed admin settings, spyware/bots and malicious code. By remaining reactive to these threats, attackers will force your hand.



Proactive Security Solutions

We have broad expertise to provide thought leadership capability and services to proactively architect, deploy and manage cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments required to increase cyber security posture.

  • Proactive Cyber Security planning (Roadmap development, Advisory Services, etc.)
  • Cyber Security technology enablement and configuration (Cyber security Project Services, Security Assessments, Compliance Assessments)
  • Incident reporting and management (Managed Security Services, Incident Management, etc.)
  • Risk mitigation, before it turns into a security breach (Security risk assessment, Vulnerability management, etc.)
  • Employee security training and awareness (Anti-phishing, Organisational change control, etc.)



Microsoft Security Assessment

Many business and IT leaders agree that technology is a disruptive force – enabling new business models, opening new sources of revenue, and shaping entire industry landscapes. However, one of the biggest challenges in digital transformation is ensuring security, privacy, and compliance. As people bring in devices, apps, and data into organisations, protecting company data requires rethinking.

With traditional IT boundaries disappearing and adversaries finding new targets to attack, organisations face the risk of significant financial loss, damage to customer satisfaction and market reputation – as has been made all too clear by recent high-profile breaches.

  • Integrated security solution overview that provides broad protection while using the intelligence that comes from Microsoft’s security-related signals and insights.
  • Discover and define security and compliance priorities as input into a strategic approach for using Microsoft solutions to achieve cybersecurity goals.
  • Gain visibility into threats to cloud environments, across email, identity, and data in order to understand, prioritize and mitigate potential vectors of cyberattacks against the organization or regulatory risks.



Cyber Security specific technology

Just as business seek outside expertise for complex matters, we are experts in Cyber Security and data privacy.

  • Managed Azure Sentinel (Cloud native SIEM, 3rd party security data ingestion)
  • Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Cross-platform antimalware and EDR capability)
  • Microsoft Threat Protection (M365 ATP, Azure ATP, etc.)
  • Advanced Identity Protection (MFA, Identity Risk, etc.)
  • Information Protection (Sensitivity Labels, Information Classification, DLP, etc.)



Zero Trust Security Architecture

While every organization is different and each journey will be unique, a Zero Trust security model is most effective when integrated across the entire digital estate, most organisations will need to take a phased approach that targets specific areas for change based on their Zero Trust maturity, available resources, and priorities.

We have developed a framework that provides clear and actionable insights that enable a customer who wants to drive towards a Zero Trust Architecture. The framework includes artefacts supplemented by deep expertise needed for effective planning, readiness, and the deployment of a production-ready pilot.

Our approach quickly enables changes that will improve protection across areas that are mandatory for Zero Trust effectiveness. The approach sets the foundation for enterprise deployment, design refinement and organisation specific optimisation.

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