Education & Enablement

Deploying even the most advanced technology platform across an organisation without providing the requisite level of support around it will always yield less than an ideal result. The ultimate effectiveness of any information technology platform is a function of enabling people, re-engineering business process and governed change management. We fully understand this juxtaposition and as such embed these three themes into all of our solutions. Our ability to individually tailor education and enablement programs ensures that your business extracts the maximum amount of productivity benefit from its information technology platform.

The Benefits

The business value derived from our structured enablement programs is considerable. Organisations will see positive changes such as improved consumption, higher adoption, improved operational efficiency and therefore higher productivity. Our enablement programs ultimately benefit organisations by improving what Quorum terms their Productivity Quotient or “PQ”. By improving PQ, people become more efficient at executing their tasks and are empowered to fully leverage their capabilities and technology platforms, to add further value back into their business.

Technical Enablement

We design and deliver a wide variety of technical training across a multitude of vendors such as Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix and Cisco. Our Technical Training covers subject matter from end user to senior architect level.

Professional Development Enablement

We custom design and deliver a wide variety of Professional Development training across a multitude of disciplines such as leadership, sales, negotiation, presentation and communication skills including the latest guidance to productivity improving development such as Getting Things Done (GTD), Holacracy and Design Thinking.

Process Enablement

We custom design and deliver a wide variety of Process Training across a multitude of process frameworks such as ITIL, Project Management, Business Analysis and Change Management.

Agile Delivery Models

Our Agile Delivery Model allows us to deliver all of our training programs via instructor led learning, online electronic courses , “virtual” cloud based classrooms from anywhere in the world or a hybrid model thereby giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Enablement Services

We have an array of Enablement services that can inject value back into your business such as Productivity Analysis, Global Business Benchmarking, Psychometric Assessments, Training consultancy, Productivity Skills as a Service (PSaaS) and Training Portal services.

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