Business Continuity

A solid business continuity plan is a critical area for businesses, both large and small, to get right. With the advancement of technologies including virtualisation, cost effective high speed network links and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), effective business continuity solutions are no longer the sole domain of large corporates.

Solutions and Benefits

We help by offering solutions that provide robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), that protect your on-premises physical servers and virtual machines. We provide an automated replication and failover to Cloud services, or to a secondary on-premises datacentre, based on your company’s size, budget, legal or compliance requirements, and the amount of data stored by your organisation.

We customise a disaster recovery and business continuity solution, which includes:

Business impact and risk analysis

A business impact assessment (BIA) is an essential component of an organisation’s business continuance plan; it includes an exploratory component to reveal any vulnerabilities and a planning component to develop strategies for minimising risk.

Business continuity solution design and implementation

We provide a strategic approach in relation to solution design, combined with a smart selection and implementation of the optimal infrastructure, applications and services for each individual organisation. A particular focus is placed on meeting the required recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) in the most cost effective manner.

Orchestrated failover and fail-back functionality

Whether the business continuity solution spans private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid environment, it is crucial that the solution allows for simplified automation to meet RTOs, reduce costs associated with business continuity plans, and achieve low-risk and predictable results for recovery of your environment.

Regular real world disaster simulation testing

An essential part of any business continuity solution is regular testing. We provide solutions with unique capabilities to create, maintain, and non-disruptively test disaster recovery plans. The ability to automate the disaster recovery planning, maintenance, and testing process enables significant operational efficiencies.

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