Our Capabilities

Our capabilities portfolio encompasses a wide diversity of skills that allows us to create solutions for our customers as a single cohesive package. Our portfolio of Infrastructure, Managed Services, Business Continuity, Collaboration, Enterprise Mobility, Security and Education and Enablement allow us to tackle any technology based business problem with ease.

We apply these capabilities and skills uniquely through the use of design thinking solution methodologies. As part of every solution we embed Education, Enablement and Change Management attributes to ensure that the solution is not only is fit for purpose but is also managed effectively into the business operations and culture of the organisation.

Service Delivery Framework: Underpinning our capabilities, solutions and managed services is our service delivery framework which is aligned to the ITL framework and principles. This framework ensures that our service delivery is to industry best practice across all elements of our operations.

Engagement Methodology: We value communication with our clients; and as such our engagement with them is reflected in our methodology. Our robust WADIMA engagement methodology consists of a gated step by step process involving Workshop, Assessment, Design, Implementation and Manage stages. This proven engagement framework ensures that each and every stage is controlled and intimately involves our clients from start to finish so as to provide the best possible landscape for solution success.


We listen to where you are today and where you want to be.


We validate your environment.


We take information from the Workshop and Assessment to create a Design.


We then implement the approved Design.


We then manage the solution over its lifecycle so it always delivers.


We ensure optimal team productivity and value from your technology investment.

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