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Managed Detect and Response

Cyber One’s Managed Detect and Response services give our customers the full benefits of remotely delivered modern security operations centre (MSOC) functions, enabling organisations to detect, analyse, investigate and respond to cyber threats. Our unique solution ensures your organisation is protected at each moment, with the strength of Quorum’s Advanced Specialisations in Microsoft Security backing the custom design of the Cyber One solution.

Managed Detection and Response services require a strategic combination of technology and human expertise that tightly focuses on detecting, analysing and responding to threats that have passed preventative tools.

The key difference between Managed detection and response and other types of response and alert tools, is that it is a managed service, using technology, trends, AI and human expertise to review all potential attack surfaces. Undertaking a Managed Detection and Response operation internally is often out of grasp for clients requiring consistent attention and specialised skill sets such as threat hunting, analysis and incident response.

Managed Detection and Response is the missing feature in many organisations’ cyber security strategies. With our security focussed view, we know that a Zero Trust Framework, Information Protection and Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies, among many others, are important and fundamental to increasing your security posture. Managed Detection and Response then adds an additional layer of protection, assuming that attackers are already in your system and identify threats quickly and minimising damage. Flagging any indications of malicious behaviour can make the difference between business as usual or rolling out your recovery plan.

At Quorum, our values remain at the forefront of our work and Managed Detection and Response is an area of our Security Portfolio that utilises our best and brightest to deliver results for our clients. Our team of high achieving, awarded Cyber Security Analysts, Architects and Engineers, work to complement the huge amounts of data Cyber One processes, bringing a specialised level of knowledge, context and analysis that elevates the automated data analysis and provides leading insight into threat detection and response.

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