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Quorum speaks to CRN – Are Networks still fashionably sweet?



Kim and Candy – Are networks still fashionably sweet ?

Are Networks still fashionably sweet ?

by John Filippis, Strategic Engagement Manager, Quorum

There is always a lot of fashionable, interesting and sexy material that floats around in IT. It seems that almost every day there is something new and exciting that everyone needs to be all over, think of Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Bots and Artificial Intelligence. This never ending melee of “candy” seems to capture and stimulate the imagination of the IT industry’s childlike mind with complete impunity.

In the candy store of IT, many things go in and out of fashion almost as fast as particles drop in and out of the quantum foam. One day you are more fashionable than Kim Kardashian’s new handbag and the next you are about as relevant as a gallon of petrol in a Tesla showroom.

But some things just never seem to go out of fashion and in IT that something is the Network. Once a shining piece of sexy candy in the IT store in its own right, the network has now been relegated to the category of ”ordinary” and  “expected”.

It is now expected that networks everywhere will always be UP and ON with blistering performance and 99.999% operational reliability. In fact almost all the IT candy in the candy store is fundamentally linked to the assumption of there being a solid network connection available at all times.

The network more so than ever it seems, has become a key and important role in our new cloud based world of constant connectivity; despite its lustre having waned from the glory days of it being the darling of the IT candy store.

Our Managing Director Mark Mclean, recently spoke to CRN magazine about the relevance of networks in the modern IT landscape and how they are still just as fashionably sweet as ever.

See what he had to say here…



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