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Quorum Party Night at the Ivy Penthouse!


I love parties alot.

I must openly admit that I have a strong affinity for the fun, decadence and irreverence that parties of all types can offer.

My party experience resume showcases a level of enthusiasm and diversity that would rival the exploits of the great Errol Flynn;  Cue Beach parties, pool parties, boat parties, foam parties (well, it was the 90’s), rave parties, fancy dress parties, Stag parties…you name the party and I have probably done it.

From what I have observed over the years, parties have a certain psychology attached to them. They tend to create alternate realities which allow people to engage with their alter ego peronality and with others, on a level that they normally would not. Now this thought may usher in images of Ricky Gervais as David Brent, performing inappropriate acts in the office with an innocent co-worker whilst under the influence of alcohol and covered in a variety of colored tinsel.

Whatever image may come to mind for you, the truth is that the office Christmas party is the annual outing par excellence for white collar workers and it is always a great to watch everyone let their hair down and celebrate the year that was.

As part of the festive season this year the team at Quorum had decided to amp it up to a new level, to exceed last year’s great event and reach for the pinnacle of celebratory perfection.

Santa was definitiely listening when we sent him that request, because he kindly returned the favour by sending us all an invitation to the ultimate venue for this year’s Quorum Christmas Party.

Where ?

The Ivy Penthouse, no less.

Quorum had assembled a first-class DJ coupled with an exclusive invitation list to rival any celebrity black book party; full to the brim with our friends, partners, vendors and customers. Our night went off with a bang and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. It is always great to connect with everyone at our parties, as we have a chance to interact in an atmosphere and spirit that is not always possible with the hustle and bustle of the work week all around us.

Make no mistake, the Quorum Office Christmas party is always a great way to celebrate the coming of the festive season and this one was the best one to date! And David Brent was nowhere to be seen…!

Enjoy the pictures and I hope to see you all again in 2017!


Models from a Vogue magazine season launch ? It’s Stephanie Brooks and Karly Fitzpatrick from Microsoft


Partrners in crime: Phi Le (Antares), Sulabh Jain (Antares) and Mira Velkovska (Quorum)


Ivy Penthouse: It was a great venue to mingle and exchange stories!


Ivy Penthouse: Lots of people, lots of fun!


Team Microsoft: Dan Stojanovski, Dean Corcoran and Maria Le doing the team hug thing!


Flying the Telstra flag at tthe Ivy Penthouse was Alaina Favretto and Rach Black!


Centre left: Mark Mclean (Quorum) working the floor like a pro!


Waiting in line for drinks gives you a chance to catch up with old friends!


Brothers in arms: Aaron Cunnington (Antares), Max McNamara (Antares) and Anthony Mather (Quorum)


Good Times!: From L to R, Mark Mclean (Quorum), Aaron Cunnington (Antares), Johnny Chung (Antares) and Max McNamara (Antares)


Cheers mate!: Ian Sneddon and co leading the charge!


In full swing at the Ivy, as Aaron Cunnington puts on a show for my camera!


Should I ?  An unattended DJ console is always a temptation for me to pretend to be Calvin Harris for a brief moment…I wish!


The service was great all night at the Ivy and the punters hung around!


Ivy Pool Bar offered a great atmosphere to continue the party well into the night!

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