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Spring is here! OneNote magic at the Microsoft Store


OneNote Magic at the Microsoft store

by John Filippis, Strategic Engagement Manager

Spring is a fickle season in Sydney. It seems to posses a multi polar personality, that oscillates between warm, hot wet and cold. Today’s spring welcoming party, came in the form of a torrential downpour that would make many an old convertible leak unceremoniously on its long standing but tortured owner.
Instead of having that sun filled, top down drive to the beach on the first day of spring feeling, we instead have to park such pleasures, for activities more mundane.  On a rainy spring day, that long overdue spring cleaning tends to raise its ugly head. Digging out the clutter from the furthest recesses of one’s wardrobes, where just like a black hole nothing has escaped since the inception of time, is not much fun. The lethal cocktail of spring rain combined with dreaded cleaning duties, can lead one to one to explore options of escapism.
My choice of spring escapism today, came in the form of getting together with the other brave souls that battled the weather; to join the Quorum and Microsoft teams for a productivity improvement experience at the Microsoft Store in Sydney.

The Microsoft store and its amazing staff were our hosts today.

The Microsoft store and its amazing staff were our hosts today.

The Microsoft store is a great place, it is filled with so many interesting devices that one can explore and play with. In addition to the amazing product portfolio the store is attended to by probably the most organised and friendliest tech staff you could ever meet. In addition to the great toys and staff, the Microsoft Store has an intimate showcase room where great Microsoft experiences can be had.
On this fine day, the Quorum team took advantage of this great venue to showcase the virtues of Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is one of those applications that has many layers of capability than can deliver some incredible outputs and I got a schooling in that power this morning.


Kirsty Mcgrath Office 365 genius taking us through the amazing OneNote application

Kirsty Mcgrath Office 365 genius extraordinaire taking us through the amazing OneNote application

Quorum’s genius of the Office 365 suite Kirsty Mcgrath, took us through some of the great functions that you never knew existed in OneNote.

Like what? You may say…

1. Did you know that OneNote has a built in calculator to do calculations as you type in text ? That’s right no excel required..
2. Did you know that you can take a photo of a business card and have OneNote and Office Lens recognise that its a business card and extract the information from the card into OneNote AND also turn it into a .vcf file ?
3. Did you know that you can write mathematical equations by hand and then have OneNote convert it to Math and crunch the numbers for you ?

If your answer to any of the above questions is No, then you just like me, will be amazed as to what OneNote has to offer. Kirsty cut, copied, pasted, imported from Edge, scribbled, extracted, phoned and collaborated her way around OneNote with a voracity of enthusiasm not seen since Dr Emmet Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy.

It was indeed a sight to behold, when someone has complete mastery of a tool as Kirsty does and is able to command it with such purpose and poise.


OneNote can do that ? Really..Kirsty shows me something I wanted when I was an engineering undergraduate..converting hand written maths equations to Excel style formulas..Can you believe this stuff ?

OneNote can do that ? Really..?? Kirsty shows me something I wanted when I was an engineering undergraduate, the ability to convert hand written maths equations to Excel style formulas..Can you believe this stuff ?


Going paperless with OneNote...too easy!

Going paperless with OneNote…too easy!

Some of our fellow delegates joined in on the enthusiasm and actively participated as we collectively doodled in OneNote door an hour.

At the end of our OneNote session as Kirsty thanked us for our participation, the background music started to play. The Surface Hub device used in the presentation attracted grown men and women alike like bees to lavender. All were curious to try out the virtual whiteboard and its integrated software that made the OneNote experience in the presentation so much richer.

I looked about and smiled as I watched people draw and squiggle on the board with a high level of childhood enthusiasm

I think that we were able to escape the spring rain blues by injecting a little bit of light into everyone’s wet and grey spring day…Microsoft OneNote style!!

Until next time…

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