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MOQdigital acquires Tetran and Skoolbag









by John Filippis, Strategic Engagement Manager, Quorum

Well it feels like only yesterday that Nicki Page, CEO of MOQdigital and I had coffee together. But a lot can and does happen in a short period of time in this industry. The same machinery that drives IT from a product and innovation perspective by virtue of its nature, also drives IT business opportunities and investment machinations.

As an example of this machinery in action, MOQdigital recently acquired Tetran, a managed services provider that delivers a number of services around technologies from vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, Dell and Symantec.

The MOQdigital acquisition spree also included Skoolbag that offer a software as a service solution that has been adopted by many educational institutions as well as clubs and other associations; to allow communication to occur across students, parents and members through a smartphone or web application.

The total value of the acquisitions was $12 million, with the split being $9 million for Tetran and $3 million for Skoolbag.

These two additions add more muscle to the already well stacked MOQdigital portfolio.


You can ill afford to skip a coffee in this business!


Check out Steven Kiernan’s article for more information:

Read more:,moqdigital-acquires-sydneys-tetran-plus-an-isv-for-12m.aspx#ixzz41tMdZ6Aj






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