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The Cloud Collective – Partnering redefined ?


Cloud Collective - Together is better, by far!

Cloud Collective – Together is better, by far!

The Cloud Collective – Partnering Redefined

by John Filippis, Strategic Engagement Manager, Quorum

The partner landscape in the IT industry has always been an interesting melee of mutual respect and fierce competition. Recently the customer landscape has shifted to such a degree that what was once thought to be heresy now ends up being the trendy new “norm”. A quick scan of the field brings Microsoft bubbling to the surface as a prime example. What Satya Nadella has done has done over the last three of years around redefining Microsoft’s partnering approach is profound enough to warrant a new word(s) being invented to define it, words like “frenemies” or “co-opetition”. Think of Microsoft’s new love affair with building strong support for Linux, Apple, Android in its products in addition to its growing relationships with traditional foes such as Salesforce. Behaviour of this nature forces one to scratch their head and recite Shakespeare’s famous line that “misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows”.

Strange bedfellows indeed…but is there method to this “madness” ?

The answer is of course YES.

The corporate IT world has matured a lot in recent times and organisations are taking a bolder and more open approach to how they want to interact with each other and with their customers. Many partners have realised that by focusing on one’s strengths and by aligning with other partners who provide complimentary offerings means a more productive and successful outcome for all parties.

This very week the official launch of an alliance of this very nature has been forged between Antares, Modality Systems and Quorum. This alliance has been dubbed the “Cloud Collective” and its aim is to provide mid market customers with deeply specialised skills, high levels of agility combined with an open and accessible approach. We believe that this alliance (the first of its kind in Australia) will bring to the mid market the strength of skills of a large systems integrator with the accessibility and agility of a small integrator.

Cloud Collective = Partnering redefined ???

We think so…and in addition I personally think that more and more organisations will see the value in like alignments that can benefit all involved.

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There is a saying that we feel sums it up rather nicely…

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

Check it out www.cloudcollective.com.au










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