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BitTitan, Azure and me


Andy Warhol said 15 mins..but 15 secs will do

Andy Warhol said 15 mins..but 15 secs will do!

by John Filippis, Strategic Engagement Manager, Quorum

I remember Andy Warhol famously stating that everyone gets their “15 mins of fame”.

Some of us it seems are lucky enough to get the whole 15 mins whilst others (like myself), get more like 15 seconds.

Recently I had the privilege of getting these 15 amazing seconds of fame, courtesy of our good friends at BitTitan. David Gray and the team at BitTitam were eager to get some input from some influencial members of the Australian IT industry as to why organisations are investing in Azure. The crew at BitTitan were keen to get some perceptive from all angles and as such assembled a great mix of minds.

Amongst the distinguished few that participated, were none other than Phil Goldie (Microsoft), Michelle Markham (Microsoft), Loryan Strant (Generation-e), Tony Pagnusat (Perficient), Rex Miller (Flexmanage) and yes you guessed it, yours truly (the party crasher).

Check it out…



A big thanks goes out to the BitTitan team for being kind enough to let me say something on their video!



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