Looking for a meaningful, engaging career move? You’re in the right place.

We could point to our Great Place To Work accreditations for the past three years or the fact that 25% of our team have been part of the Quorum team for over 10 years. Perhaps our team’s Microsoft Solutions accreditations might be of interest.

The thing we think you need to know, however? At Quorum, we’re picky (in a good way).

We build our team with culture fit as our #1 priority. We believe that skills can be taught, but culture is instinctual. This priority means that the success of our team, the rhythm of daily office life and the outcomes for our clients are supported through each and every one of our hires.

Quorum’s values

Quorum’s culture begins with our values. We live, breathe and preach these in the way we problem-solve, creatively ideate, build solutions, collaborate and cheers to a job well done.

If you resonate with these values and you’re looking for the career opportunity of a lifetime, we can’t wait to meet you.

  • Karma – At Quorum, we do what is right, always. When we hold ourselves to account, look after the client’s interest, and provide a true partnership, the rest takes care of itself.
  • Teamwork – We are a team and are passionate about what we do. Real people come to work at Quorum every day, bringing new ideas and fresh thinking. We consult, and we collaborate. We take a sincere approach to work, authentic in all that we do.
  • Consistent – The right approach delivers the right outcome. There’s a reason we consistently deliver the goods: our commitment to a rock-solid process that gets results each and every time.
  • Authenticity – we make our commitments carefully and do what we say we will. We’re deeply passionate about what we do. We’re extremely capable and always dependable. We thrive on a cycle of continuous learning – there’s nothing complacent about our team.
  • Culture – Be happy and never stop learning. Sometimes, cliches work for a reason. We work hard, and we play hard. When the time is right, we embrace fun, celebrating our achievements as a team.

Open roles at Quorum

Team success stories

Get a taste of our team in action and a sneak peek of where a career at Quorum can take you.

When Harry was in school, he wanted to be a fighter pilot. Luckily for us, he soon found himself shifting gears into the world of IT! Harry began as an IT assistant within a small team before he moved into a junior administrator role at a Managed Services partner. After a promotion into a Solutions Architect position, Harry then moved to Quorum, bringing all he had learnt with him.

Harry’s first role at Quorum was as a Systems Engineer within the Projects team. He then moved into a Technical Consultant position prior to becoming a Principal Consultant – a role Harry had a part in creating when he pointed out that every member of the Quorum team was involved in delivering solutions, as well as client care.

Harry deeply enjoys consulting, working with clients to identify what they truly need and building long-term relationships based on genuine service. At Quorum, Harry is able to put both his technical and client-facing skills to use, delivering robust outcomes for a wide range of clients on a daily basis.

When Gemma joined Quorum, she was immediately surprised by its culture: “The team are fun, honest, and they hire really good people, prioritising integrity, morals and good standing, regardless of their technology background.” Gemma’s career at Quorum exemplifies the priority the business places on development opportunities, with a recent promotion to Principal Consultant.

Gemma highlights the importance of prioritising excellence and people in what it is that she believes makes Quorum different. During her employment, Gemma has enhanced her skill set through learning new technologies and developing soft skills: “I’ve learned a lot about myself thanks to the authentic workplace.”

Now, Gemma mentors Quorum team members, enjoying seeing them flourish and change based on the support she’s able to provide them. She also loves the opportunity to get excited about new tech, constantly learning through Quorum’s access to innovative technologies. As Gemma has continued to expand in her career, Quorum has fully supported her interests that are fundamental to that growth.

When it comes to new hires, Gemma advises, “We’re here to support them. This is an amazing place to work.”

Danielle wanted to be a PE teacher – until she took a compulsory IT class in high school, leading her down an IT-related path, which ultimately led her to Quorum. Danielle highlights Quorum’s degree-agnostic position, looking instead for people who are committed to their jobs and who share Quorum’s key values. She loves working with proactive clients who recognise the value of Quorum’s advice and who view their cybersecurity and IT as an investment, not an expense.

“Even at the interview stage, I was immediately impressed with Quorum. Everyone had so much character, they were so keen to get to know me and to have a conversation, not an interrogation – I felt like I was part of the team already. I felt like I needed to work here. These people were my people.”

Danielle values Quorum’s space for autonomy, with each team member empowered to own their work. There’s also a willingness to collaborate and help, with a company culture that’s shaped around supporting each other’s priorities.

For those who may be considering joining the Quorum team, Danielle’s advice is “Apply. You won’t look back if you get the job. No mistake can be made by getting a job at Quorum!”

Feruccio was always good with computers, so it’s not surprising that he “fell into” the IT world. Feruccio had friends who worked at Quorum, and his impression of the company was that it was one of the best places to work, thanks to a friendly and welcoming culture.

When Feruccio started with Quorum in 2013, it felt more like a family than a job. Even with almost a decade of company growth, “everyone has each other’s backs, which is really rare in the corporate world – everyone’s here to work hard, get along and do the best they can.” He’s deeply enjoyed watching the company expand, crediting the culture to the fantastic leadership team.

Trust is a key component for Feruccio. He recognises that at Quorum, people are respected to do their jobs, with a high degree of autonomy amidst a collaborative environment. He sees this trust with Quorum’s clients, too, who see the way the Quorum team look to add value – even if it means going beyond the original job scope.

“Our quality of work aligns with our values: we deliver what we say we’re going to deliver. We’re constantly asking, “how can we help you better in the long term, not just for the short term?”. It’s why so many of our clients return time and time again.”

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